The itc Japan Story


To complete customers' dreams by providing luxury and comfortable cars. To continuously provide better service to our customers all around the world, and pursue customer satisfaction with constant efforts and passion in the used automobile industry.


ITC (Indus Trading Co), is one of the leading automobile Japanese car trading company whose headquarter is located at 3 CHOME-1-28 IZUMICHO, MITO, IBARAKI 310-0026, JAPAN. Each automobile in our great inventory is purchased after careful appraisal and inspection in Japan, the United States, the UK, UAE, Thailand or Singapore, etc. With our discerning and experienced buyers, any automobile that we have can be your best choice. Once a customer buys our automobile, it is sent to the customer in the shortest time possible through our smooth and prompt procedures and sent by very carefully. We are now operating our foreign offices in 18 countries to provide our proud services globally.